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Gas Appliance Servicing – For the General Public

Service Standard Room Sealed Wall Hung Boiler - £70*
Service Standard Back Boiler £80, including Fire - £105*
Service Standard Gas Fire - £60*
* We have a discounted rate if the service is carried out at the same time as a safety inspection.  See our Price List.

Please note all the above costs are for a yearly service on boilers and fires which have been installed to manufacturer’s instructions and are readily accessible.  The work required will be dependant on the appliance and are listed below.  Additional works, if agreed, will be charged depending on the extra time taken, plus any materials if required.

Additional works may include:

  • Repairs
  • Extended Servicing – If an appliance has not been regularly serviced it may require additional cleaning or maintenance.
  • Appliances which are not readily accessible.

Servicing Works:

    • Check and where necessary adjust gas consumption.
    • Check and where necessary adjust gas pressures at minimum, ignition, hot water maximum, and heating maximum.
    • Check and where necessary adjust heating system pressure.
    • Check and where necessary adjust expansion vessel precharge pressure.
    • Test safety devices.
    • Function test controls.
    • Inspect for leaks.
    • Where required clean heat exchanger, burner, air intake
      grills, injectors, coals, ceramics, vermiculite granules**, and catchment space.
    • Where required analyse flue gasses for correct combustion.
    • Check ventilation is adequate and clear.
    • Test flue with a smoke bomb where required.
    • Test flue operation for clearance of products of combustion where required.
    • Re-secure closure plates.  
    • Advise of any repairs if required.

In the event of any appliances being dangerous or potentially dangerous, and a remedy cannot be immediately effected, the appliance will be made safe (with your permission) and a warning notice issued.  A charge may be made for this depending on the time taken and any parts used.

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